Mick Jagger says there is a wide mix of music on the upcoming debut by SuperHeavy, his new supergroup with singer/guitarist Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame, plus singers Joss Stone and Damian Marley and composer AR Rahman.

“It’s very approachable,” Jagger says. “If you’re a Rolling Stones fan, there’s definitely stuff you can relate to.”

The reggae-flavored ‘Miracle Worker’ is the first single, and it is among the 12 regular songs on the album, which will also include four bonus tracks.

Jagger admits not everything on the SuperHeavy’s self-titled debut — due Sept. 19 — will be relatable, but “maybe if you listen, you’ll enjoy it.”

What attracted Jagger to the project in the first place was Stewart’s idea “to make a record with a different group of musicians, in other words, with different backgrounds of music.”

Jagger adds, “Instead of everyone being a rock musician, or basically a blues musician, or some other genre, he wanted to get as many genres together that would fit. I said it sounds like a good idea. For me, working with four other vocalists was interesting. I realized we all had a part to play.”