I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. Yeah, it’s one of those internet things. I studied a bit to make sure I perform cool marriages and I’ve had a few realizations.  Read more after the break.

After reading up on what is “required” to make a marriage “official”, there really isn’t anything.  It really boils down to two people entering into a contract in front of witnesses (one of which is an “official” which could be a priest, a sea captain, or some jerkoff like me).

Marriage  is just a commitment of two people to share a journey through life together.  Around the world marriage has little or nothing to do with love, it’s just a way to join two families interests together.  Marriages come together and fall apart just like any other contract.  The ‘contract’ just makes it a little harder to break the union apart so you’ll work a little harder to not sweat the small stuff.

Do you think I’m getting to something?  Yep.  In my opinion I think gay people should be allowed to get married and I think that it’s often prevented for all of the wrong reasons.

*Do you think marriage should be special between a man and a woman?  Why?  And what about between a man and a young girl?  Or the previously mentioned ‘arranged’ weddings?  Or in some religions one man and a bunch of women?  There are already so many accepted variations all over the world and NOT ONE of them has cheapened the marriage of a man and a woman.  It’s always going to be about what YOU put into it, not what others put into it.

*Do you think gay marriage is unnatural and shouldn’t be allowed?  Well the problem people have always had with gay people is alleged promiscuity, and wouldn’t  marriage be a solution to that problem?  I would also say that there are people who think mixing races is unnatural; would you stand up in public and say they shouldn’t be allowed to married?

Lastly I was talking to a young lady who said she was on her fourth step mom and third step dad and she said “finally” all parties seems to have found “the one”.  Would you deny these people the right to get married because they didn’t get it right the first time.  Then there’s some lesbian friends of mine that have been a couple for over two decades and are raising some very happy, healthy kids.

Remember, marriage isn’t special your commitment to another human being is and NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU. If you’re really concerned about the ‘sanctity’ of marriage, then make divorce harder.

Your thoughts?