Looks like Daniel Anaya may have bitten off a little more than he could chew. Get it? Like, because of the headline?

Police in Santa Fe, NM arrested the 27-year-old man last week after he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house and bit off her big toe. Did we say Santa Fe? Make that Santa Fetish.

Here’s the story about this heel: Authorities say Anaya broke into the woman’s apartment and asked if she’d let him sniff her feet, which any jilted ex-boyfriend can tell you is step number six when it comes to getting over a breakup.

As you may have expected, the woman was toe-tally freaked out and turned him down, at which point Anaya did his best Chris Brown impression by throwing her against a wall. Then, he chomped down on her toe like Mike Tyson feasting on Evander Holyfield’s ear.

The woman told police she broke up with him back in November after four years together because he bit her other big toe. He broke her toe, she broke his heart -- maybe they'll cross paths in rehab.

Anaya seems to be a foot man – he works in the shoe department of a department store (or did, until this story hit the newsstands?) and is also enrolled in a local college where one can only imagine he’s preparing for a career in podiatry.

All we know is this shoe salesman is definitely more Ted Bundy than Al Bundy.