On a recent episode of the "Too Loud for the Crowd" show on Gimme Radio, Loudwire's Joe DiVita kicked things off with Black Sabbath's "The Sabbath Stones." You'd be forgiven if you don't remember that song, or if you've never heard it at all. It's from the band's 1990 album, TYR; the lineup for that particular album included Tony Iommi, Cozy Powell on drums, Tony Martin on vocals, bass player Neil Murray and keyboardist Geoff Nicholls. If you let him, Joe could go on and on about that song, that album, and how great the Tony Martin lineup of Black Sabbath is.

Luckily, Loudwire's Graham Hartmann was there to prevent that from happening, and indeed, he apologized for Joe's selection. From there, they spun Cloven Hoof's "Silver Surfer," which led into a set of some brutal metal over the next two hours by Wormed, Squash Bowels and Regurgitate, as well as some more well-known bands including Ministry, Mastodon, Testament and Dillinger Escape Plan. And, they returned to the well of lesser-known tracks by metal legends via Halford's "Handing Out Bullets."

Gimme Radio, by the way, is a streaming radio station hosted by a pretty elite crew of DJs, including Randy Blythe of Lamb, God and Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, and our guys, Joe and Graham. Gimme Radio is free, and, as they say on their website, "Gimme Radio doesn't play shitty audio ads. We believe in supporting artists by buying their music, wearing their t-shirts, and going to their shows. We believe that digital music has stripped the love from music."

Digital music has certainly not stripped Graham or Joe's love of music; you won't hear two guys who love metal, and live metal, more than Joe and Graham. They compliment each other pretty well, and they make a great team; before working together at Loudwire, they were college roommates at the University of New Haven. So the conversation they've been having about metal for quite a few years now continues on the airwaves Mondays at 11 AM ET.

Tune in at the Gimme Radio website.

"Having a show on Gimme Radio brings me back to my college radio days where I hosted a two-hour program every Friday night," Joe says. "Having no restrictions and getting to play some more obscure stuff is definitely the highlight for me. Listen, I love all the classics too, but we've heard them all 666 times too many, so let's make room for some Pungent Stench, low-flying U.S. speed metal from the old days and Icelandic black metal."

And, he adds, "Finally, the Tony Martin era of Sabbath can get some genuine recognition!"

"Too Loud for the Crowd is an awesome way to expose the Gimme Radio listeners to some really weird and unpalatable shit we don't always get to cover on Loudwire.com," Graham adds. "Joe and I have spent a decade arguing about metal, so we wanted to add that dynamic to the show as well. If you're sensible enough to realize that Sabbath's Tony Martin era and Maiden's Blaze Bayley era both sucked, join me in representing the right side of history!"

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