Former Cleveland Cavalier and current Mami Heat star , Lebron James took his talents to South Beach, but his wallet apparently lives in Vegas.  Check out this ridiculous bar tab that 'King James' reportedly rang up recently. Allegedly, he spent over $170,000!

Yep, Lebron knows how to throw down some cash to party -  $171,937 worth of partying to be exact.  According to some person that sent in the receipt to Brobible, Labron apparently spent over $59,000 on Cristal, almost $9 grand on Patron, and even threw down a little over a bill ($100) on 12 Bud Lights. Hey, it's Vegas - everything costs an arm and a leg.

Ever go through a night of partying at a bar, and at the end of the night when you tab out, you've spent a crap load of money?  As many times as as I've been in that situation, as well as many of you, I don't think  any of us have spent over $170,000 on a bar tab.

If you have, then we need to hang out more!

Check out Labron's alleged receipt that was spent at  the XS Nightclub in Las Vegas earlier this year.

That's a hell of a tab! Again, it's just an alleged bar tab for Lebron but honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if it were truly his.

So,  what is the most you have every spent at the bar?  Leave your comments below.