It's crunch time for Halloween costumes! We are less than 24 hours away and if you don't have a costume ready, don't worry, I got you covered. While Buzz is bringing you some costume mashups, I've got something a little more simple: Pennywise.

Sure, there may be lots of Pennywise at Halloween this year, but the great thing about Pennywise is that you can make it totally your own! All you need is a steady hand and some basic makeup that you may already have. If you don't happen to have some of the materials you're in luck; Halloween makeup is sold almost everywhere right now which will provide you with what you need. You will need the following:

White face liquid makeup
Liquid foundation*
Red Lipstick
Makeup brush
Orange color hair spray*

And that's it! I use the cheap white face liquid makeup and mix it with my foundation because it makes it adhere to my face better, but it's totally optional. The entire look could be done using just the liquid makeup and the lipstick. I also used a picture of Pennywise as a guide. The great thing about the look is that it doesn't have to be red; I've seen it be done with blue and even purple so you can get as creative as you'd like! For quick how-to check out our Instagram post:

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If you want to see the finish product, head over to

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It's real simple and really it took me about 20 minutes. You can dress it up with a ruffled collar and some clown costumes or you can just wear the face makeup and regular clothes (I've seen it be doe and it's actually pretty cool).  Now, go forth and happy hauntings!

Happy Halloween!

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