Killswitch Engage is a bad ass band, but there is much debate about who the best singer is/was.  Jesse Leach or Howard Jones? Man, that is a tough call. Just like there will always be a debate between who was the better Van Halen singer, Hagar or Roth, I think the same can be asked about Killswitch Engage.

I was reading a story earlier about the band Times Of Grace, which features Jesse Leach, the former singer of Killswitch and Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch. It's really cool to see Leach and Adam D making music again.  Well, that made me start thinking of old school Killswitch Engage and when Leach was the singer.  Honestly, I am kind of on the fence on this one.  Leach was good for Killswitch but Howard Jones was bad ass too.  In fact, I actually think Howard Jones is actually the better singer, but Jesse Leach is the better growler.

What do you guys think? Leach or Jones?

First here is Jesse Leach with Killswitch.

Now Howard Jones with Killswitch.

For a bonus, here is the new band Times of Grace featuring Jesse Leach.