Don't kill the messenger, or as they say these days, "Don't hate the playa, hate the game".

I have to preface all of this with how subjective all of this is, and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Yes, I feel very bad for reporting this at all, but sometimes you just have to "poke the bear".

The Daily Mail used data from a dating app called "Clover" to find the states with the best and least attractive men and women. Right there you can change the name of the survey to "The Least Attractive Women In Texas By Clover" because that sets up a bunch of parameters about the app (maybe all the beautiful women in Texas don't even mess with the app?).

Okay, I've asked for forgiveness upfront, so here you go; the survey says that Amarillo has the second least attractive women in Texas. It gets a little worse than that, Amarillo is in the bottom eight for the entire country (and they put the info next to a female zombie for emphasis).

All of this put me in a very tough position. I don't like the idea of judging women in this way, but I do very much like to dump on Amarillo as much as possible. I have gone to a number of concerts in Amarillo and I found the women to be no more noticeably prettier or uglier than anywhere else I've visited.

There is one place in Texas that scores higher on the scale, and that would be  Fort Worth, Texas. They scored six place in the entire country in the 'least attractive women" category.

Let's also keep in mind that surveys like this usually include towns by size, and I'm sure there are worse places in Texas to check out the opposite sex. I would also like to balance the scale and talk about the men, but they made neither the most nor least attractive list.

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