I just heard Theory of a Deadman's cover of the Chris Isaak hit 'Wicked Game' (which was awesome), but then immediately remembered a few other covers of the same song. So, I went on a quest to see how many artists have covered it.

Just a quick Youtube search revealed that there are a ton of covers, of Wicked Game, out there.

Now, I'm a huge fan of covers, but it's starting to feel that these big bands are picking the 'obvious covers'. Like Wes Nessman said "It's like going to a jam bar and playing Mustang Sally. You can hear the eyes roll.".

In Theory of a Deadman's case, it was a matter of Tyler playing the song because he liked it and their record label asking them to put it on the album. You can hear what he says about that in the bonus video below, courtesy of Two Doods Reviews.

Mind you, I love the original and the covers (of Wicked Game) - but I challenge those established artists to cover something not so obvious. Why is it so obvious? Maybe because everyone has covered it.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the covers of "Wicked Game" below.



  • Him

  • Daughtry

  • Daisy Gray

  • Donut Obsession

  • In Flames

  • Three Days Grace

  • P!nk

  • Corey Taylor

  • Raign

  • Adam Lambert

  • BONUS: Tyler, from Theory, Interview About Covers

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