Iced Earth sent a lightning bolt down into the musical realm with their 2011 release ‘Dystopia.’ Having already shot a video for the album’s title track (which had a great run in our weekly Death Match) Iced Earth just released another video for ‘Anthem,’ their second single from ‘Dystopia.’

Reinvigorating their prior fans as well as recruiting new ones with ‘Dystopia,’ the band received much praise for their 2011 effort. The praise is even more impressive taking into consideration that it was their first album with new vocalist Stu Block, who replaced longtime frontman Matt Barlow.

Filmed using live and backstage footage of the band, the beautifully melodic yet heavy song is well-complemented by the video. Some other parts of the video to pay attention to are the crowd singing along with the track word-for-word despite how new the track is and the ‘V for Vendetta’ mask attached to the drum kit – a film that greatly inspired the themes for ‘Dystopia.’

“V for Vendetta is a movie that’s totally amazing, and that’s where we’re headed, guitarist Jon Schaffer told Guitar World. “If the people don’t stand against this s—, I don’t know, man … These people are sick control freaks, but there’s only a few thousand of them. If we’re educated, we can take these f—ers out.”

The mask may also possibly be in support of the ‘Occupy’ movement and the internet-born society known as Anonymous.

Iced Earth begin their North American co-headlining tour with Symphony X in Hartford, Conn., on Jan 31.

Click on the image below to watch Iced Earth’s ‘Anthem’
Courtesy of Revolver