A cold front pushed through Texas Monday night (October 17) and brought along much cooler temperatures, high winds, and a huge dust storm that rolled through Lubbock Texas. 

Here in Texas, we are used to the windy conditions that stir up dust, knock stuff over and create allergy problems.  The high winds usually come with a front that is pushing through the area - in this case a cold front.  Usually when these fronts come in, Abileneans joke that "Lubbock is blowing through" or something to that affect because of the massive dust that blows into the area from the North.

That was the case Monday night as the winds picked up throughout Texas when  a cold front pushed to the South.  As much dust that was in the air last night here in Abilene, it cannot compare to what happened in Lubbock yesterday.

Visibility was down to just 5 miles all afternoon in Lubbock  and got much worse later.  In fact, the 8,000 foot high dust storm that went through the area, took visibility down to between zero and a quarter mile with wind gusts to 74 miles per hour.  It was so bad, FAA controllers at Lubbock International Airport had to evacuate the tower and direct air traffic from a backup center on the tower's ground floor.

Pretty insane stuff!

Check it out for yourself.