The second round of covid-relief stimulus checks are already starting to hit bank accounts all over the country leaving many with the question of where to spend it when they get it.

Granted, spending it responsibly is the best way to go, but let's not forget these checks aren't meant to get you out of the doghouse of bills, merely to be "blown" to help stimulate the economy.

So, if you're in the "let's blow this money" boat, let's take a look at some great spending options we have right here in Abilene.

As I previously stated, these stimulus checks are meant to be spent in order to "stimulate the economy". So, why not stimulate the local economy? I'm not saying you should go through it all in one spending spree, but we've got some great places around here that would be truly grateful for your patronage.

In my opinion, a great spending option is gift certificates to area restaurants. Restaurants and bars appear to have been hit the hardest by the restrictions set in place due to the pandemic, so let's help them get back on their feet.

Another great option is to donate some money to your favorite local charity. Many of these local groups were hit really hard during the pandemic and lost out on their biggest fundraising opportunities.

Finally, spend the money on local senior citizens, especially those in nursing homes. Many of these elderly people were kept away from their loved ones due to risk of spreading the virus. Some of these elderly passed away all alone, because of that. Many of these seniors were all alone during the holidays, due to the pandemic. So, call up a local nursing home and ask about some of the resident's favorite hobbies, clothing, or anything else that may bring them joy.

While the whole world is hurting, we can alleviate some of the pain here in the Abilene area by spending these stimulus checks where they'll help the most.


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