If you ever grew up playing with Hot Wheels, I'm sure, like me, you dreamed of one day actually rolling down the street in a real life version of one of those cool cars.  Well, now, you can,  as Chevrolet will be making the first full-size, production Hot Wheels Camaro.

In 1968, the Camaro was one of the original first 16 cars one of the original 16 Hot Wheels issued and is actually one of the most valuable for people that collect them.

This life-size version features a killer metallic blue paint job, plus black 21-inch wheels with a red outline stripe. Of course you can't have a Hot Wheels car without the logo.  There will be fender “flame” graphics and Hot Wheels grille and logos.

Inside the ride, there is a black leather-trimmed interior with red and black seat stitching with the Hot Wheels logo on the front seats.

The special edition Hot Wheels Camaro will be available in 2013, and to add on the package, it  will cost about $7 grand.  For more info, check out Hot Wheels Facebook page or their official website.

Now if we can only get TXDOT to paint all the highways bright orange.

Check out the video of the new car.

Hot Wheels Life-Sized Camaro