In November, we featured some of the hottest women to ever grace our website with the Hot Instagram Girl of the Week. And, after your votes, we've nailed down the Hot Instagram Girl of the Month. That honor goes to the hot Kemper Fidelis.

Kemper received 45% of the votes and beat out Nikki Leigh, Samantha Saint and Brooke Adams.

It's no wonder that you picked Kemper, because this tatted up vixen is one of the hottest Suicide Girls ever. She describes herself as a science fiction geek, who loves dogs, in-depth discussions about fictional topics, and loves to rock some Star Wars gear.

Whether she's blonde, brunette, or her natural red hair, Kemper will make anyone's heart beat just a little bit faster.

Check her out on Instagram and Facebook.

Hot Instagram Girl of the Month - Kemper Fidelis