So, my wife and I purchased a travel trailer recently and were looking for a camping area close to Abilene for our first trip out. Well, we found the perfect place in Hords Creek Lake, just outside of Coleman.

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For our first trip in our camper, we needed a place that had hookups. We'll try dry camping (no hookups) down the road.

When we arrived I was instantly amazed at how big and open the area was. The lake seems to go on forever and the camping area is wide open, that way campers aren't on top of each other. While there were quite a few people there, we still had plenty of privacy at our campsite.

The grounds are well-kept with two different camping styles, Flatrock and Lakeside. Flatrock was more "inland", so to speak, and Lakeside is just that. We chose Lakeside because I wanted to fish as much as possible. There were also plenty of oak trees to provide quite a bit of protection from the sun. In my opinion, Lakeside is the way to go. It was so beautiful and peaceful with a nice, light wind that came off the lake.

The lake is large enough for plenty of boaters, for fishing or skiing, while not impacting those that fish from the shore. I didn't have a ton of luck fishing, but that was due to my crappy reel getting all twisted up. However, I did see a ton of fish striking and jumping and spoke with a few campers that had massive success with their fishing.

I'll tell ya, though, the cherry on top is the fact that you're far enough away from any city lights that "the stars at night are big and bright". Yes, I know you just sang the song, as I did. Seriously, though, it was incredible to see every star in the sky.

All in all, our weekend camping at Hords Creek Lake was more than I could ever imagine. If you're looking for a place to relax and recharge, look no further than Hords Creek Lake.

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