Gorillas are very much like humans, so much so that we share 97% of our DNA with them. They have emotions, actions and memories that rival anything we have. See what happens when these two gorilla brothers are reunited.

Kesho, 13 and Alf, 9 were reunited at the Longleat Safari Park in England after being separated for 3 years. No one was sure when the two were reintroduced what would happen. Would they remember each other? Would they be friends or enemies?

They were separated so that Kesho a silverback could be part of a breeding program at the zoo. Turns out though, that Kesho is infertile so they decided to move the two gorillas to a new $5 million gorilla sanctuary at the the zoo.

It turns out the two acted like they had never been apart. They played, hugged, slapped each other on the back and squeezed each other with full affection. There was one more surprise that wasn't caught on tape and that was the joining of another brother 6 year old Evindi.

The zoo plans to let the gorillas live out their days together at the zoo.

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Imagine you hadn't seen your sibling for 3 years what your emotions would be? It's a sure bet that is exactly what Kesho and Alf are feeling. You know you're smiling right now; makes your heart warm doesn't it?