The secret is out.  The three remaining covers on the Godsmack “Live and Inspired” c.d. have been revealed.  The band will add covers from the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Metallica to their repertoire along with the previously released Joe Walsh and Zeppelin covers.  More after the jump.

Godsmack started delivering covers with “Good Times Bad Times” off their greatest hits album.  With the new “Live and Inspired” collection the band puts out four more covers.  By now you’ve heard the “Smacked Up” version of “Rocky Mountain Way (originally done by Joe Walsh).  The band also recorded covers of “Come Together” by the Beatles, “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica and “Time” by Pink Floyd.  Bassist Robbie Merrill told the RockShow  he studied both the Floyd and Roger Waters solo versions of the track before recording.  He went on to say that the track is definitely “Smacked” and a little quicker in the tempo department.

In our exclusive interview, Merrill also revealed that the band hasn’t even added “Rocky Mountain Way” to the live song list yet.  He said the band did a one or two day rehearsal without even practicing any of their own songs and came out and kicked ass.

We’re pumped for the Saturday Godsmack show with Staind/Halestorm and more in Lubbock and we hope everyone from the surrounding areas joins us for the show.  We’ll broadcast the interview in two parts tomorrow (Friday) morning.  Check back on the website tomorrow and we’ll post the entire audio interview on it as well.