George Lopez is coming back to Abilene on Saturday, March 9th to perform at the Abilene Civic Center. George called in to The Morning After to speak with The Painman about the show, and pretty much life in general.

Being a huge fan of George Lopez, I was pretty dang excited to talk to him on the phone, but it wasn't all jokes.

He's a well-rounded and grounded person.

We talked about about regional accents from all over the country, including that of a Texas accent in which he responded with "our identity is in your pants, it's in the stuff you wear" then referred to our jeans, not genes being what we're identified by.

We talked about how he gets out in public, when he wants to maintain a bit of privacy, and asked him if he has to dress different and he said he couldn't wear a hat as part of a disguise because "a hat doesn't fit my head because it's so big".

When asked how people react when they meet him in public he said "I went to Walmart and when I paid they all clapped".

George was a super cool cat. We covered a variety of other subjects and stories.

  • Find out what George did for a homeless person.
  • Listen to how he reacts when he meets one of his idols.
  • What's his favorite: Stand-up, Sitcoms, Late Night Talk Show, Movies? He answers that burning question as well.
  • George also talks about turning 50 and his new book "I'm Not Gonna Lie".
  • Part of our discussion about his book, he talks about making mistakes in life and learning from them.
  • As we wrapped things up, George briefly talked about the negative things said about celebrities.

We both also gave our guarantee on how great the show is gonna be Saturday. Click here for details about George Lopez's upcoming visit to Abilene.

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