Filter, Saliva, Anew Revolution and Heart Set Self Destruct tore up the stage at the Lucky Mule last night (August 7th).  Click through to check out some pictures of the show. Heart Set Self Destruct opened the show and set the tone for one hell of a night.  These guys put it all out there and set the bar high.  Anew Revolution was up next and blew me away with some of their songs like "Head Against The Wall" and "Crucify".  The crowd was really into these guys for sure.  Up next, was Filter.  I don't think amazing quite says how they performed.  It was epic!  Whatever  stage was left after all of that, came down when Saliva hit the stage.  They completely rocked everybody's ass off!

All in all, the show was awesome!  If you missed it, you missed one hell of a show!

Here are some pictures of the show.  I also included some of the hot bartenders that the Lucky Mule has thanks to my hot wife who took those pictures.  Enjoy!

Don't forget, we have some more kick ass shows coming up. P.O.D. will be at the Lucky Mule on August 25.  Cold will be at Lucky Mule on September 9th for the Painman's Birthday Bash.  Saving Abel makes their return to Abilene at Lucky Mule on September 20th.  Get out and support the live rock and we'll keep 'em coming!