Spring training is underway and the Houston Astros are already having to deal with the repercussions of their cheating scandal. Honestly? Everyone was cheating back in 2017, so who really cares? Okay, maybe not everyone, but a Helluva lot of teams were doing something similar to the Astros. Just check out my blog on the Yankees doing it by CLICKING HERE.

Well, what's done is done and apparently some fans aren't willing to let it go. They're showing up to Astros spring training games with signs heckling the team about cheating. And... prepare yourself for a heavy dose of irony... the fans are having THEIR SIGNS STOLEN at these games.

One sign said "You see my hate?"

Another said "Houston" with an asterisk below it.

The men holding the signs didn't get to show them off for long as a woman who worked for the club confiscated them quickly.

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