Selling items on Facebook Marketplace has many advantages, from making a quick buck to unloading stuff that's been collecting dust. However, those advantages do come with risks, like scammers.

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Nowadays, it feels like there are more scammers online than legitimate buyers and sellers. As a matter of fact, one of the ways you know you're being scammed is when a potential buyer shows interest in your item and then asks you to text them.

That message alone should raise a few red flags as that's the first step the scammer takes in hopes of stealing your identity. Sometimes, the scammer will just ask for your number, without even asking you to text them first.

Either way, there's a good chance they're up to no good.

Once you took the bait and sent them a text, many times you'll get another response from the scammer asking for a verification code that had been sent to your phone.

Why Do Potential Buyers Ask for a Verification Code on Facebook Marketplace?

Once they have your phone number, the scammer then typically sets up a Google Voice phone number that is linked to your cell phone. Once you give them the verification code, they're able to complete the set-up of said Google Voice number.

From there, the scammer can do a variety of things including opening up accounts in your name, according to FTC.GOV.

First off, when you receive the code, it says not to share it with anyone. So, that should be a major red flag. However, there are other ways to prevent being a victim of a scam like this.

Verify as much information as possible about the seller. If the selling platform has a verification feature, use it.

Don’t deal with anyone who wants payment in gift cards — that’s a sure sign of a scam.

Use a credit card if possible; they have protections that peer-to-peer payments and debit cards do not.

Meet in a safe place to exchange payment and merchandise. [NerdWallet]

The Better Business Bureau also has a few tips for those who wish to avoid scams like this.

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