The Philadelphia Eagles beat up on my Dallas Cowboys last Sunday night in a game that almost became a great comeback. Yet, overshadowing the loss, at least in my eyes, is what Philly head coach, Nick Sirianni said post-game.

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Former Cowboys coach, Jimmy Johnson coined the infamous saying, "How 'bout them Cowboys!" after beating the San Francisco 49ers in the 1992 NFC Championship game.


Fast forward to 2022. The Cowboys lost to the Eagles this past Sunday Night Football, 26-17 after trailing 20-3 at one point in the game. If it were not for a few mistakes made on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, the comeback might have been complete.

Nevertheless, it's a loss that we Cowboys fans have to live with.

But instead of doing their own slogan, "fly Eagles, fly" ( I know it's nauseating isn't it?), Nick the...uh, well you know what I mean, mocked Jimmy Johnson from that fateful day in 1992.

Ok, Nick. We Get it. You barely beat us on your own turf while we had a backup quarterback who's only started 6 games in the NFL.  You had to rely on some really crappy calls by the refs, and some mistakes made by Dallas in the end to take the "w". Wow. Your team is so good! (Nevermind they are 6-0...I'm bitter, ok!?)

So, instead of coming up with your own celebration, you mockingly took ours. Way to go. I know your newest clap-happy fan is elated.


We'll see you again in December, Nick. Something tells me you just fueled the fire with some bulletin board material for the boys!

How 'bout them Cowboys!

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