Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle had an inspirational message for fans after he learned that the band's first single with new lead singer Daniel "DL" Laskiewicz, September's "Lifeline," had hit No. 1 on active rock radio in the U.S. and Canada, according to Mediabase.

The success follows the Oct. 29 release of Bad Wolves' latest album, Dear Monsters, as well as the news that the group and their former singer, Tommy Vext, had reached a settlement in their legal battles with each other. Vext had filed for breach of contract against Bad Wolves' manager, Allen Kovac, the CEO and founder of their record label, Better Noise Music; Better Noise had sued Vext for copyright infringement.

But that all seemed to be water under the bridge for Coyle this week once he saw the Mediabase Active Rock tally for Nov. 22–Nov. 28. It was then that "Lifeline," already at No. 2, reached the top.

In a Twitter thread on Monday (Dec. 6), Coyle responded, "I was thinking about what to say when I found out that [Bad Wolves'] 1st single with our new singer … had gone #1 at Active Rock Radio and couldn't stop thinking about this concept of believing in yourself. This has been a year filled with the unknown & self doubt creeps in a big way when you have people in online spaces, many of which are supposed to be your fans, telling not only that you will fail but that they want you to fail. That's a true test of one's will and spirit."

He said he "realized that self belief is not about having irrational confidence or delusions of grandeur. It’s that persevering in spite of the fact that self-doubt hangs on your shoulder like a crow. That inner voice never goes away but you just keep going & it gets quieter and quieter. This isn't the finish line, but just another marker on a long journey. I'm not sure I know what true success or failure means because it's all subjective & based on expectations, but even getting this far feels somewhat like a miracle. And that's all you have. A series of moments because nothing is promised."

The rocker added, "The one thing this achievement does validate is that I'm but a small piece of a big puzzle that includes wonderful bandmates, Uber talented production & recording team, a committed management team, a dedicated record label, incredible support from press & radio, the love from the rock & metal community, and a fan base that stuck with us through the hell and back. I am thankful for today."

Coyle, the ex-God Forbid member who recently played some of his favorite guitar riffs for Loudwire, previously discussed the notion that some Bad Wolves fans had been turned against the band amid their split with Vext.

Bad Wolves' Doc Coyle Plays His Favorite Riffs

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