The Dillinger Escape Plan are ramping up to their latest album, 'One of Us Is the Killer,' by delivering a new track 'Prancer' for fans to check out.

Guitarist Ben Weinman says of their return, "We've been itching to get some of this new music in front of people and it's finally all coming together. We've been working extremely hard and trapped in our own headspace for months. It's absolutely exhilarating to finally share the fruits of our label with our friends and supporters out there."

In a collective statement at their website, the group also added, "Words can’t describe the feelings right now as we begin to present this album to you today. There are a million different things we’d probably like to say, to one another and to all of you, but pages couldn’t contain. So here you go. To everyone that’s been on this ride for a while, thank you, and to everyone just getting onboard, welcome. We’re grateful for the ability to express ourselves artistically, to be able to release a piece of our souls through music and words, and we’re proud that any of you can relate to our expression or get something out of it in any way ... that our band and what we do means anything at all to you. "

As for the song, don't let the title fool you. 'Prancer' is anything but light and bouncy. In fact, Dillinger Escape Plan unleash the fury on the track. Frontman Greg Puciato is at his screaming best, and musically the song is full of time signature shifts, altering between quick-hitting, in-your-face aggression and a moody mid-song breakdown.

'Prancer' is featured on the 'One of Us is the Killer' album, which is due in stores May 14 via the band's own Party Smasher Inc., in partnership with Sumerian Records. There are several pre-order bundles available for the disc online here. For those wishing to just get the single at this time, 'Prancer' is now available on iTunes here.

Listen to Dillinger Escape Plan's 'Prancer'

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