The Stanley Cup has had it's moments of infamy, sometimes shrouded in mystery, none more so than the year the Dallas Stars netted their first ever championship at the conclusion of the 1998-99 season in game six against the Buffalo Sabres. It was in the aftermath of the win when a group of Stars' players headed to Vinnie Paul's house to celebrate the victory.

Not content to simply be fans of the team, earlier that season Paul and his brother Dimebag Darrell decamped to the studio to compose a "goal!" song for the Stars, titled "Puck Off," which took instrumental cues from the title track to Pantera's 1990 major-label debut, Cowboys from Hell.

"The Stanley Cup itself was damaged when Guy Carbonneau attempted to throw the Cup from the roof of your house into the pool," posited our very own Graham Hartmann during the drummer's 2016 Loudwire Wikipedia Fact or Fiction segment, which can be viewed below.

"Me and Dime wrote the song to help propel the 1999 Dallas Stars to the Stanley Cup," began Paul. "My best buddy on the team - all of them became really good friends - Craig Ludwig called me from Buffalo and says, 'If we win this thing tonight, you better have your house ready to party.' I loaded up four or five cases of Crown Royal and everything and of course everyone knows the famous Brett Hull goal...and they came to two places; they came to a place called The Big Apple, which is a bar we all hung out in Arlington (Texas), and then they came to my house. They brought the Stanley Cup, and we brought every strip dancer we could find in town and it was the best party you've ever seen. At about five o'clock in the morning, we're all out in the pool, the hot tub - it's just party, party party, and here comes Guy Carbonneau and he's got the Cup and 'Hey Luddy - catch the Cup!' and he throws it off the balcony and it gets right about to there and goes 'doink' off the side of the pool and into the water and we jumped on it and sank it to the bottom. The Cup keeper, the guy you see on the commercial, he says, 'You cannot do that - that's the Stanley Cup!' and we're like, 'We just fucking did it dude!' It was pretty awesome man."

Vinnie went on to say that the organization had to come up with a "b.s. story" that goalie Ed Belfour had dropped the hardware coming off the plane back from Buffalo. Perhaps not wanting to be associated with a group of metalheads, it's easy to see how the league would want to sweep the dent under the rug. However, Stars center Mike Modano would later fess up to the team arriving late for their own championship bash due to throwing down with the notoriously party-happy Pantera brothers, who ended up performing on one of the celebratory floats.

"We spent a lot of time at Vinnie Paul’s house, he was one of the members of Pantera, for about four days straight," Modano said. "That took a little bit of wind out of our sails for a bit. We showed up about an hour late for our parade so it didn’t go over too well with the city and the police that were waiting for us."

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