DevilDriver have just debuted a video for the battering new song "Iona," the second single to be released off the band's forthcoming Dealing With Demons I album.

Rife with dissonance, "Iona" is a nearly five-minute cut of aural paranoia and anxiety. DevilDriver's calling card is groove, but here there's not as much head-bobbing momentum to sink into as in the past with a dominant start-stop rhythmic pull and nimble cymbal work.

"'Iona' is unlike any other DevilDriver song we’ve put out," enthused frontman Dez Fafara. "From the frantic verses to the haunting chorus, this song is another move forward to push our sound and the listener's ears into the fray! The chorus, 'she carries a black rose, effigy from a story closed,' tells the story of the long dead ghost of Iona and her obsession with death represented by the black roses in her hands – each one the soul of someone she’s taken from this life on a lonely dark road, assimilating their souls into black roses, which she carries for eternity."

The singer continued, "This theme relates to myself and Dealing With Demons in that, often times, we as people have a hard time 'letting go' of things. This can be applied to relationships, death, and so on. Iona carrying the black roses symbolizes her inability to move on – always seeking revenge. The past is exactly that – the past – it’s important to let go and not be stuck in a perpetual loop of living in it."

Watch the music video for "Iona" below and look for DevilDriver's new album, Dealing With Demons I, to be released on Oct. 9 through Napalm Records. Pre-order the record here.

DevilDriver, "Iona" Music Video

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