What kind of horrors await Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 3? Check out this edition of Demo Reel to find out.There's plenty to like about Dead Space 3 based on what the Xbox 360 exclusive demo showed off. Tau Volantis is quite a unique locale for the franchise. Though there will likely be plenty of interior combat in darkened hallways, the overwhelming atmosphere of the frigid outdoors is not only a sight to behold, but presents some new opportunities for scares along the way. Now that Necromorphs can jump out of the deep snow, virtually every step you take could be your last.

That's not even considering the stunning vistas the game presents when Isaac is outdoors. Dead Space 3's demo had plenty of instances where you could really take in the environmental work of the game's artists. The rest of the graphics aren't too shabby either, as the balance between indoor/outdoor settings in the 25-35 minutes of gameplay showed plenty of detail and the same wonderfully eerie lighting techniques the franchise is known for.

The biggest new addition to Dead Space 3 (outside of co-operative play), is the weapon crafting system. We messed around the new work bench a bit during our time with the game, and though the options were limited, we can already see the potential of creating our own monster slaying devices. With the sequel due out in just a few weeks, we're definitely eager to get our hands of the full Dead Space 3 experience.

Check out the video of our playthrough below, and let us know if you're as excited for Dead Space 3 as we are.

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