David Draiman has spent most of 2014 out of the spotlight musically. His longtime band Disturbed's hiatus has continued while his newer industrial band Device stepped away from supporting their debut disc following the birth of Draiman's baby boy late last year. As we head toward the final hours of 2014, Draiman has given a brief update on the status of both bands via his Twitter account.

The rocker has a strong presence on Twitter, frequently commenting on world and political issues, railing against anti-Semitism, sharing humorous memes and occasionally posting photos of his young son. But, as stated, it's largely been an off year for his two most prominent projects. However, as he answered a number of fan questions Tuesday night, he offered this catch all response on the status of Disturbed and Device, writing, "OKAY... 1. Disturbed WILL REUNITE...SOMEDAY. 2. I HAVE NO IDEA WHEN 3. NO CLUE ON Device EITHER - OOH WA AH AH AH." Check out the Tweet below:

So it looks as though we won't be seeing anything with Draiman on vocals for at least a little while longer. However, that doesn't mean the rocker hasn't been busy. After spending time producing Trivium's last album, it appears as though Draiman has the studio bug. When asked by a fan on Twitter if any new music was in the works, he stated that he was working with a couple of baby bands, co-writing and co-producing, but was bound to secrecy by a non-disclosure agreement. Check out that tweet below:

So as the calendar hits 2015, it appears as though the first Draiman work to surface will likely be in a more behind-the-scenes capacity.

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