[Update: December 27th, 2022]The Dallas Cowboys will debut their brand-new "Arctic Helmet" against the Tennessee Titans on Thursday Night Football.


I think these helmets are sick! I honestly think they should use these helmets more than one time a year. Maybe they can be the new home uniforms? In any case, I definitely look forward to seeing them sport these rad shells against the Titans.

[Original Story: August 22nd, 2022] A month or so after announcing the uniforms that they will wear for the Thanksgiving Day game against the New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys revealed another alternate helmet they'll sport this coming season.

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When the Cowboys announced which uniform they would be rocking for turkey day, the NFL happened to tweet out a graphic that showed an additional helmet. Let me refresh your memory.

As you can see, the two helmets for the
Dallas CowboysCowboys Nation on Twitter


The main difference between the Thanksgiving Day helmet and this new alternate helmet is the white facemask. The logo itself is a bit different as well. Here's a closer look.

The alternate helmet will be used when the Cowboys play the Tennessee Titans on December 29th this year. I can't wait to see them with the new helmet.

Honestly, I think this helmet is sick! In fact, I think they should wear them all season long just to change it up a bit.

If you want the helmet for your collection, you can pre-order it on the official website of the Dallas Cowboys.

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