The Miami Dolphins broke the heart of the Dallas Cowboys on a last-second field goal on Christmas Eve. The Cowboys should have worn red bows on their uniforms because they gift-wrapped that win for the fins.

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What in the wide world of sports was McCarthy thinking? I mean don't get me wrong, I like Hunter Luepke, but why are we not giving the ball to Pollard in that situation? I feel like that is just one of many bone-head plays that McCarthy has called this year.

Also, why are we not throwing to Cee Dee Lamb more? The dude is a playmaker and proved it with this 49-yard catch and run for a touchdown.

It was a great play that got the Cowboys the lead, but then we stopped throwing the ball to him. Why? The lack of consistency on offense doomed us.

I think our defense did a great job on the high-octane Dolphins offense. But you could tell they were pretty gassed towards the end of the game. If our offense could have moved the ball consistently and taken some time off of the clock, our defense might have been able to stop the Dolphins from scoring that last field goal.

All in all, I thought it was a good effort for the Cowboys. We proved we could keep up with a good team and stop an offense that puts up a ton of points. So for that, we did good. But if we're going to go far in the playoffs, we have to get better play-calling from Mike McCarthy.

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