A 10-year-old Michigan girl wore a Dallas Cowboys jersey to school, only to get bullied to the point where she had to call her mom to come to pick her up from school. Several Dallas Cowboys players got wind of the viral TikTok video her parents posted, and came to the little girl's rescue.

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Alexa Becker is a 10-year-old little girl who loves the Dallas Cowboys. She wore a Dez Bryant jersey to school recently and was picked on so much, that she called her parents to come to get her early from school. Her mom, Brie Becker, posted the video on TikTok and the video went viral.


@briebecker Just be kind. #dallascowboys #cowboysfan ♬ Forever - Labrinth

DeMarcus Lawrence was the first Cowboys player to respond from the team's official TikTok account.

Just want to send my love and support. I’ve seen the video. There’s going to be a lot of haters out there, I’ll let you know that right away. As long as you’re supporting the Cowboys and you’re a Cowboys fan, we got your back,"


@dallascowboys A special message for Miss Alexa! We’ve got your back! #DC4L 🏈⭐️💙 @Brie Becker ♬ original sound - Dallas Cowboys

But, the Cowboys were not done yet. After D-Law posted that video, several other Cowboys players including CeeDee Lamb, Dak Prescott, Trevon Diggs, and more signed some autographed swag to put a smile on Alexa's face.

When Alexa went back to school, she proudly wore each jersey that was autographed to her, which probably made the students who picked on her a little envious.

As a huge Dallas Cowboys fan myself, I can't tell you how much trash-talking I've heard just because I wore a jersey or a hat with my favorite team's logo on it. But there is a big difference between trash-talking with your buddies, and picking on some little girl at school because she wore something different.

Good for the Cowboys for recognizing a problem and reaching out to make this little girl's school days a little brighter.

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