The Dallas Cowboys' five-game winning streak ended abruptly as the Buffalo Bills beat America's Team 31-10. While Buffalo outplayed the Cowboys through all four quarters, could a stomach bug have influenced the outcome of the game?

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According to multiple news sources including The Bleacher Report, ten Cowboys players, including Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore, had come down with a stomach virus. The report went on to say that the bug wouldn't present an issue during the game. But I couldn't help but notice that the boys looked completely sluggish the entire game.

Now, I'm not blaming this loss on a stomach bug, but it certainly couldn't have helped. We came out of the gate looking already defeated. We couldn't stop the run, we couldn't stop the pass, and just when you thought things were about to get better, we would get flagged for something stupid.

Yep, it was an awful game to watch as a Cowboys fan, after seeing them perform so well against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Bills ran all over tallying up over 266 rushing yards while James Cook torched our defense for 179 yards by himself. In fact, this is the first time since Dan Quin took over as defensive coordinator that a Dallas defense has allowed more than 250 yards.

The Bills just seemed to want it more than the Cowboys. They were super fired up and the Cowboys seemed to be calling it in. Plus, I think the Bills are still mad about us beating them in the Super Bowl two years in a row.

That dude irritates me to no end. I honestly think he is a closet Cowboys fan. But, I digress.

The Cowboys lost this game not because the Bills are better, but rather because they just wanted it more. They were in desperate mode trying to get into the playoffs, while the Cowboys had already secured their ticket.

I hope this loss lights a fire in the team. One thing is for sure, while we are undefeated at home, we are horrible on the road. And that is a bad thing, considering the Cowboys will more than likely get in as a wild card, unless the wheels fall off the bus in Philly.

We have a lot to clean up, but I'm going to stay positive. It's not over yet. Let's go, Cowboys!

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