When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, I guess there are not many news stories that should surprise us. But the latest news has come out of nowhere as Jerry Jones is now being sued by a woman who claims that he is her father.

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According to ESPN, 25-year old Alexandra Davis filed a suit against the 79-year old Cowboys owner. In the suit, Davis claims that Jones hooked up with her mother, Cynthia Davis Spencer, back in 1995 in Arkansas. In December of 1996, little Alexandra was born.

The lawsuit goes on to say that after Spencer gave birth, Jones allegedly paid the mother $375,000 to keep it all a secret. Additionally, Jones then set up trust funds for both mother and daughter in a settlement that stated that financial support would continue as long as Jones' identity would be kept secret.

Alexandra Davis "has lived her life fatherless and in secret and in fear that if she should tell anyone who her father was, she and her mother would lose financial support, or worse," the lawsuit alleges.(via ESPN)


Nataly Keomoungkhoun of The Dallas Morning News first reported the story and tweeted about it.

As you can imagine, Twitter went nuts over the story.


This isn't the first time the Cowboys have been involved in some sort of scandal. Remember when Jerry was caught taking provocative pictures with strippers? Heck, last month, the Cowboys paid a $2.4 million dollar settlement to four cheerleaders who accused former team executive, Richard Dalrymple, of voyeurism.

So between players getting busted for doing drugs, a coach forgetting that he had his gun on him at an airport (Barry Switzer), and these latest stories, it seems ol' daddy, I mean Jerry has a lot of skeletons coming out of the closet.

Maybe this will be the straw that broke the camel's back and we can finally get a GM that knows what in the heck they are doing? Time will tell. Stay tuned!

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