If you've gotten in trouble with the popo recently, and may have a warrant for your arrest, then read on bad boy/girl cause The Great Texas Warrant Roundup is going on now.  So, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

The City of Abilene, along with 265 jurisdictions across the state of Texas, launched The Great Texas Warrant Roundup this past Saturday (March 2nd). The roundup is designed to target thousands of defendants with traffic, parking, city ordinance, penal code and higher charge warrants from participating jurisdictions.

Notices were mailed out for those that have active warrants and if you have one, you are strongly urged to contact the Municipal Court within the next few weeks to avoid getting busted at home or your work.

Municipal Court is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily and is located on the east side of City Hall at 555 Walnut Street. Contact the court office by calling 325-676-6333.

You can pay your warrant online at the Municipal Court, but those payments must be paid in full.  If you're not sure if you have one or not, you can check out the City of Abilene website.

Hey, I know all too well about spending a little time in the slammer for some stupid minor thing that I didn't take care of.  In fact, the mugshot picture I provided was of me getting busted for disorderly conduct.  To my defense, I was working for a different radio station, and they don't allow you any time to get ready for your mugshot.  So, that is why I have the 'q'tip' look here.

Go ahead, make fun.