The Washington Post published a list of the most popular street names in the U.S. and if you thought a number or tree would be most common in Texas, you'd be wrong.

Before looking at the list, I immediately thought that 1st Street or Oak Street would be the most common in Texas. I was way off base.

Topping the list of most popular, or common, street names in Texas is Park Street. Park also happens to be the most popular in the United States. I was close with Oak Street, as it came in second. But, 1st Street was down the list at number four.

Where the list gets strange is that Texas has more 2nd Streets than we do 1st Streets. How can that be? Doesn't there have to be a 1st Street to have a 2nd Street?

Seriously, who starts numbering their streets with 2nd Street?

Here's the list of the Top 10 most popular streets in Texas

  • Park: 590
  • Oak: 587
  • 2nd / Second: 495
  • 1st / First: 486
  • Pecan: 468
  • 3rd / Third: 466
  • Cedar: 463
  • 4th / Fourth: 443
  • Main: 417
  • 5th / Fifth: 407

In case you were wondering, Abilene has every one of those street names listed in the Top 10.

Now, as we broaden the scope of street names, it seems Texas is fairly comparable to the most popular street names in the United States.

Here's the Top 10 most common street names in the U.S.

  • Park: 9,640
  • 2nd / Second: 82,32
  • Oak: 8,191
  • 1st / First: 8,151
  • 3rd / Third: 7,748
  • Maple: 7,608
  • Pine: 7,013
  • 4th / Fourth: 6,914
  • Cedar: 6,805
  • Main: 6,472

Have you ever lived on any of the most popular streets?