Triptych Games, the developers behind Borderlands 2's Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt and Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty downloadable content packs, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming game called Fuzzy Slaughter.

With research showing that cute animals make for a tastier sandwich, these fuzzy little furballs have decided to wage a vengeful war against the global industrial meat complex.

The PITA! Sandwich corporation won't take this animal revolution lying down, as they've commissioned rats, armadillos, and other baddies to take down the fuzzies. With upgrades and a rage meter that unlocks abilities and special moves to demolish your enemies, Fuzzy Slaughter is hoping its action driven storyline will attract a devoted following.

The goal is to raise money for a digital release on Steam for Windows, Linux, and Mac. For a $10 pledge, gamers will receive a free digital download of Fuzzy Slaughter as soon as it's released. For a $5,000 pledge, fans will have lunch with the developers, receive a special care package, and take an early look at the game's development. As a stretch goal, If Triptych Games raises $360,000, the developers will focus on an Xbox 360 version of the 4 player co-op game.

Fuzzy Slaughter needs to reach $50,000 in funding by Wednesday, March 6th, 2013. Watch the video below and check out the Kickstarter for more information Let us know if you plan on helping fund this adorably brutal beat 'em up!