Democrat Bernie Sanders has gone viral as a meme yet again. After being seen at President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris' inauguration yesterday (Jan. 20), the image of him seated with his mitten-clad hands folded over his lap was quickly Photoshopped into various settings — and we've cropped him into 35 Rock + Metal Album Covers, so get ready to laugh.

With a significant grip on youth voters, Sanders has been embraced as a tell-it-like-it-is politician who rails against the evils of egotistical policy, which has wound up resonating with DIY culture. Inspired by that mentality, we took the instantly popular image and placed Sanders on the covers of albums by Linkin Park, Korn, Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Halestorm, Dream Theater, Slipknot, Mastodon, Death and so many more.

To see what rock and metal musicians had to say about the news that the presidential race had been called in favor of Joe Biden in November, head here. As for what they had to say about Trump departing the White House yesterday morning, check this location.

Inauguration Day Bernie Sanders on 45 Rock + Metal Album Covers


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