It's happening! The official FIRST trailer for "Avengers 4" is out and we have a title! Behold- "Avengers: Endgame." I just want to say that I called it... kind of. There were a slew of options/rumors of what the title could have been and I would have bet my life on "Endgame." This morning that all of us on the show got word that the trailer was out, we wasted no time and got Buzz to do one of his famous trailer breakdowns. Along with the title we got an updated release date- April 26. Check out the trailer below!

Intense, right?! It picks up after Thanos' infamous snap that destroyed 50% of the population which included a huge chunk of our beloved Avengers. Have you ever wondered if YOU would have survived Thanos' snap? Well, wonder no more, my friend. The website WWW.DIDTHANOSKILL.ME gives you the answer straight up. You were either slain by Thanos for the "good of the universe" or you were spared. Now, I don't know what kind of sorcery this website does because if you try to refresh your page or try it again, you have to live with the outcome. As for me? I was "slain by Thanos for the good of the universe." May the odds be in your favor!



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