Anthrax's Scott Ian is a huge fan of horror movies and comic books — this has never been a secret as they've often served as lyrical inspiration across the band's nearly 40-year career. In an exclusive sneak peak of SYFY's upcoming edition of the month-long "Metal Crush Mondays," the thrasher revisited his childhood adoration of movie monsters and names his favorite.

Well, his two favorites at least. Who can pick a true favorite, right?

In the clip below, Ian speaks with SYFY Wire host Whitney Moore about falling in love with horror films in his youth and, later or, comic books. "Horror was first," the Anthrax guitarist declared.

"I was already watching horror movies I think before I could read. In New York City growing up we had this thing Creature Feature and another thing called Chiller Theater that were on the local [TV] channels and they would play old Universal movies," he went on.

When pressed about his favorite classic movie monster, Ian confessed, "It's between The Wolf Man and The Creature From the Black Lagoon. I love all of them."

Horror films were still a fringe element of his life at that young age and comic books were more readily available as Ian described, "As soon as I could read I was pulling Marvel [comic] books off the racks at the candy store down the street from where I lived in Queens. Marvel quickly became the biggest thing in my life, even more than horror because I couldn't actually go to see horror movies yet when I was seven, but comics, I could read the crap out of them. Marvel quickly took over my life."

Watch the exclusive sneak peak below and catch the complete interview on SYFY on Monday (Aug. 17) during the airing of Underworld: Blood Wars.

Exclusive SYFY Sneak Peak: Anthrax's Scott Ian Names His Favorite Movie Monster

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