If there was one thing we learned from the 84th Academy Awards it’s that Angeline Jolie is really proud of her leg. Her right leg that is, which she took every possible opportunity to flaunt through a slip in her black velvet Versace strapless gown she walked the Red Carpet with her baby daddy Brad Pitt.

Then, as the 36-year old actresses presented the award for Best Adapted Screenplay, she pumped the leg show up to ten, thrusting her gam out in such an aggressive manner that those in the front row would have had to have been a little aroused and a little worried. (Which is not an atypical response to Jolie in general.)

If her pose hadn’t already given itself over to parody by then, ‘The Descendents’ screenwriters, who Jolie gave the award, made sure that it had by thrusting out their own thankfully clothed legs as they gave their victory speech.

By the end of the night Angelina Jolie’s Leg had a mock Twitter page with over 10,000 followers, and tweets containing such infinite wisdom as “I am a leg.”

In closing Angelina Jolie has an attractive leg. It could maybe use a little more meat on it, but it was certainly better than that Cirque Du Soleil thing. Check out more photos of what trumped Jennifer Lopez’s nipple as this year’s favorite body part at the Oscars.