One of the longest-running jokes is about how bad the roads are in Abilene. The city had squandered money set aside for road repair, and then went on to tax us more for the same repairs, but Abilenians aren't happy with the current progress.

So, we took to social media to see just which roads are the worst and the results really aren't surprising. Some are concerned about the actual quality of the road and some are ticked about the potential for accidents on others. Of course, you already know that the intersection that sells "the Lord's chicken" is mentioned.

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Now, the city is not responsible for roads on private property or those roads that the county and/or TxDOT maintain. Also, some credit goes to the city for participating in the SeeClickFix program which allows citizens to report a problem, like potholes, directly to the city.

The cool thing about SeeClickFix is that you can make your report online or use the SeeClickFix app.

I'll be honest, the roads here do suck. However, I've been to many places that were much worse. Does that excuse our poor conditions? Not at all, but it could be worse. Heck, I saw a car hit a pothole and flat out disappear. I think that big one on Grape Street is a portal to a different dimension.

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