Ever since that polar vortex nailed us a couple of winters ago, my front lawn has been basically dead. So, I've been doing everything I can to resurrect it, including watering the yard frequently.

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Well, come to find out, I may have been breaking the law a smidge when watering my lawn and you may be in the same boat without knowing it.

Did You Know That Abilene is Under a 3-Day Per Week Watering Schedule?

According to the City of Abilene's website, we are currently on a 3-day per week watering schedule. It states that when the Lake Fort Phantom water level is less than 5 feet below the spillway we can water up to 3 days per week.

Quite honestly, I wasn't aware that we could only water 3 days a week. I actually thought higher water levels meant we could water at any time. However, considering the heat (and lack of rain) in the Big Country, it makes sense that we maintain water conservation year-round.

What Days Am I Permitted to Water My Lawn in Abilene?

Regardless of location, you can water between 12 am and 10 am as well as 6 pm and Midnight.

  • Odd Number Addresses: You can water Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Even Number Addresses: You can water Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • *Others: You can water Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

* Denotes industrial, commercial, government customers, public and private schools, and universities.

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