A while back, my wife and I decided we wanted to buy some hunting land. As that conversation took place, we also decided that we'd use that land to store our soon-to-be-purchased RV on. Just makes sense. It gives us a place to store the RV and a place to stay on the land while we decided if we wanted to build a house on it.

As many of my conversations go, one thing leads to another. What started out as chatter about land turned into "what truck will we use to haul said RV?".

Knowing my truck wasn't quite up for the challenge, I decided to visit my friends at Arrow Ford for a little research. I mean, they do have the F-150, which is the best selling truck for over four decades, so they'd be the best place to start said research.

Shanna and Allison quickly helped me realize that what I was looking for is the F-250. It has the towing capacity for the RV and was tough enough for any kind of terrain my land would provide.

"As a matter of fact, come check out this F-250 we just finished customizing for a local rancher" said Allison. So, off to Auto Accessories and More we went...which is right next door to Arrow Ford.

That's when I realized that I didn't just need a truck, I needed a beast. The F-250 is already a beast, but the upgrades Auto Accessories and More did made it perfect for any area rancher or farmer. In my opinion, it went from beast to super-beast.

Check out the photos below. Auto Accessories and More really beefed up this truck with side rails, a monster grill guard, gooseneck hitch, spray in bed liner, lift and level, and even replaced the stock back bumper.

All of those upgrades turned that truck into an unstoppable force for any farm and ranch.

Whether you're towing an RV or working at the ranch, don't let your truck go naked. Get those much needed upgrades with professional customization and installation at Auto Accessories and More. You can find them right next door to Arrow Ford at 4001 South 1st in Abilene.

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