The Lone Star State has suffered a blow this past week. When news broke that our beloved Whataburger sold majority ownership to a CHICAGO company fans were definitely not happy. This was supposed to be the ONE thing we had that no one else did- fans were ready to riot because nothing was "alright, alright, alright" anymore!

The announcement from the once family-owned Texas chain angered many including Houston Texan star J.J. Watt who called for fans to buy back what was ours!

Considering J.J. Watt is from Wisconsin, Texans have fully adopted J.J. Watt and fans feel that he could speak for everyone. Not much more is known about the sale just that "Chicago-based firm, BDT Capital Partners, will advise on expansion strategy and provide long-term growth capital to Whataburger."

Fine. They can take our beloved Whataburger, but like the sign says:

While their ownership makes us all spicy, here are seven Texas based things that Chicago CANNOT take from us!

  1. H-E-B: Now, I've never been to an H-E-B but I hear amazing things and I'm super excited to hear that they're finally coming into the city in which I live in. This supermarket chain based out of San Antonio has more than 350 stores throughout Texas and northeast Mexico. But does Chicago have it? NO! And they never will!
  2. Taco Cabana: Deliciousness. Another great Texas staple based out of San Antonio has 166 locations based in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. But NOT CHICAGO!
  3. El Taco Tote: Another delicious staple based out of Juarez with locations in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Chihuahua and Coahuila. Never in Chicago!
  4. Chico's Tacos: Okay, this one is specific to the 915, it's very often imitated never duplicated. It can be found throughout the Sun City, and while their cheese changed, real fans never stopped loving it. If Chicago gets it, we riot.
  5. Blue Bell Ice Cream: Named after the bluebell wildflower and based out of Brenham, Texas, this delicious ice cream is actually sold in 22 states. But does Chicago have it? NO! And it never will!
  6. Matthew McConaughey- A true Texan born in Uvalde and residing in Austin, he's a Texas treasure, and his Texas twang is considered the sexiest accent in the United States, does Chicago have him? NO!
  7. The Alamo- Remember the Alamo! And don't forget that it resides in Texas, and NOT CHICAGO!


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