The 4th annual Best of Abilene awards showcased a wide variety of businesses in the service/hospitality industry. When it was all said and done, we were extremely excited to reveal all of the winners.

Join us in congratulating these fine businesses as well as all of those nominated.

  1. Best Breakfast Burritos: La Popular Bakery
  2. Best Restaurant for Kids: Gatti's Pizza
  3. Best Fish & Seafood: Deutschlander Freshwater Catfish Co.
  4. Best Buffet: China Star
  5. Best Food Truck: Rock'n Roller'z Roll'n Grill
  6. Best Dive Bar: Fatboy's
  7. Best Bar & Grill: Taylor County Taphouse
  8. Best Mexican Food: Abuelo's Mexican Food Restaurant
  9. Best Breakfast: Dixie Pig
  10. Best Italian: Little Italy
  11. Best Burger: Heff's Burgers
  12. Best Pizza: Vagabond Pizza
  13. Best Asian Food: Szechuan Chinese Restaurant
  14. Best BBQ: Betty Rose's Little Brisket
  15. Best Chicken Fried Steak: Texas Cowboy BBQ
  16. Best Coffee: Big Country Coffee
  17. Best Steak: Perini Ranch
  18. Best All-Around Restaurant: The Beehive

Below is an actual breakdown of the votes:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why isn't my favorite business listed?

A: All nominations are determined by the radio audience of the Abilene area during our well-publicized nomination process. We do not omit anyone that was nominated.

Q: How will we know if we won?

A: All winners will be announced once voting has ended

Q: Are any votes removed?

A: We reserve the right to remove any votes we believe are fraudulent

Q: My business won a category. When will we receive our plaque?

A: We will contact all winners once the plaques arrive. Please be patient. Congrats.