Fellas, if you have a nagging wife, you might want to embrace her ways because it just might save your life. A truck driver, who got stuck in the snow and subzero temperatures, was saved because of his wife's repeated calls to his cell phone from across the country.

According to My Fox Orlando, truck driver Tim Rutledge was on his way to Indiana when something went wrong with his truck. He got out to investigate, but suddenly, his truck shifted in the snow and he became pinned to the ground. In fact, he eventually became literally frozen to the ground.

Meanwhile, Tim's wife, Lisa was a little annoyed that her husband hadn't called in a while like he usually does. So, she did what any woman would do, she kept calling her husband several times. But, because he was pinned to the ground, he could not reach his cell phone.

As it turns out, Lisa's continued calls vibrated Tim's cell phone out of his pocket. His hands were too frozen to dial a call, but he was able to use the phone's voice commands and made a call for help. He was able to reach his supervisor, who called 911 and found him alive.

Tim is recovering at a hospital, but if it were not for his wife's repeated calls to his cell phone, the news would not have been so good.

So, the lesson here is, don't take your nagging wife for granted anymore. She might be saving your life.