Ah, 1999. The year of ‘The Matrix’, Y2K scares and J. Lo’s ‘On the 6′. It was an innocent time, when a Tony Hawk skateboarding game would be met with excitement rather than laughter.

Having long since sputtered away all its sidewalk cred with a series of terrible peripherals and increasingly worse games, Hawk and his handlers have decided to scrap the whole innovation thing and head back to the well. The plan is to resurrect the beloved 1999 game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in an HD version, gussying up the graphics and tweaking the controls to current standards.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD will hit as a download in June with Tony Hawk himself let slip the release date via his Twitter feed. He even followed up his supposedly rebellious leak that totally was not a coordinated, board-approved marketing strategy with a “Yeah, I said it.”

Oh, Tony. We can’t wait to trap the game on our hard drives so we can get back to roller coaster-style rail slides and acrobatic air tricks that the video game version of you did so well back in ’99.

But after this game, would it kill you to abandon your franchise and become a spokesman for the far superior Skate series? Yeah, we said it.