With tornado season is upon us, The Weather Channel is gearing up for it with 'Tornado Week', which kicks off April 28th. In fact, the new commercial just hit the web and it features a very familiar face - former Abilene weatherman, Damon Lane.

Damon, who is a former weatherman for the local ABC affiliate in Abilene, KTXS TV, went on to become chief meteorologist for KOCO TV in Oklahoma in 2009. During a severe weather broadcast of the destructive Moore, Oklahoma tornado in 2013, Damon was on the air while the EF 5 twister bore down on his on neighborhood. As noted in the video, which you can watch below, Damon had no idea on whether his wife was safe or not, or even if his house would be there when it was all said and done.

Watch the promo clip for The Weather Channel's 'Tornado Week'

As I've said before, tornado season has always been my favorite times of the year. And, anything that has to do with twisters, I'm all about it. So, needless to say, I'll be tuning in for 'Tornado Week', which kicks off on April 28th.