'The Walking Dead' is back for a 3rd season, and I couldn't be more excited.  It's time to get your zombie on with a new trailer, plus a video of the cast talking about the upcoming season.

When we last saw our zombie killing heroes in season 2, they had just killed off Shane, who had turned into a zombie without even being bitten by one.  Shane, of course, had selfishly knocked off Otis to save his own butt from the zombies.  What a jerk!

Anyway, the group is being overrun by zombies on Hershel's ranch, so, naturally, we see some pretty awesome zombie slayings.  In fact, we see more zombies being popped in the last episode than the entire season 2 episodes combined.  Pretty sweet!

So, now the group is all back together after being separated during the zombie surge.  (Why in the heck do people split up from the group during a zombie invasion?) After talking about Shane being killed, they discover that each one of them carry the virus. The camera pans to a prison and my guess was that season 3 will be about the prison.  Pretty smart of me, eh?  I was right judging by the trailer below.

Check out the season 3 trailer of 'The Walking Dead', plus a bonus video of the cast talking about the upcoming season.

'The Walking Dead' Season 3 Trailer

'The Walking Dead' Talk About Upcoming Season

'The Walking Dead' season 3 premieres on AMC on October 14th.  If you're not caught up on the series, AMC will air a marathon of the series, starting with season 1, on October 13th at 10am.

Do you watch the series or plan on watching it?  Who is your favorite character and why?