Whether you know it or, you come across pictures with Instagram magic every day.

What is Instagram? Basically, it's an app for your iPhone or Android that has various filters, frames and other effects that can bring a little life to a boring ol' cell phone picture. You can go from amateur to professional in a matter of seconds with Instagram.

Instagram isn't only an app, it's also a photo sharing network.

That's right, you can follow other Instagram users within the app itself.

Like Twitter, it also has a hashtag feature that can allow you to group photos by topic (hashtag) as opposed to just a user.

Speaking of Twitter, Instagram has Twitter, Facebook and Flickr sharing functionality within the app so it makes it so much easier to post your new pictures on those networks with just the click of a button.

While I know some of you already use Instagram, many of you don't. So, go ahead and install it on your phone and get used to using it. Soon, we'll give you the ability to post your Instagram pictures right on our website. Pretty cool, huh?

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If you want your pictures to show up on our website then include this hashtag: #AbileneRocks (not case sensitive) in the picture details or in a comment on the picture itself. Keep it clean, of course, but whatever you take is cool with us. Just make sure it shows something that represents this area, whether it's you, the cows, or whatever.

Below are some really cool pictures we enhanced with Instagram.